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Developing New Leadership Strategy: Methodology

Developing New Leadership Strategy: Methodology

1. Decide if M&A is the best choice for growth strategy (other options for new leadership and/or ownership)

2. Define leadership’s personal and professional goals, develop M&A candidate profiles

3. Agree on workplan and budget

1. Collect client’s initial financial data (5 year income summary, current balance sheet, AR aging, lease, open contracts, etc.)

2. Summarize firm values, revenues by customer and segment, staff strengths, etc.

1. Agree on scope and size of target list (e.g., 100+ names? Outside U.S.?)

2. Build proprietary database from wide range of sources

3. Narrow and prioritize candidate list, fill in contact information for top canditates

1. Find personal contacts when possible, using private databases

2. Leave voice messages followed by letter of introduction by mail and email when possible

3. Maintain status and call log in database to measure response rate and adjust tactics

1. Mail and email pitch presentation to candidates who signed Confidentiality Agreement

2. Follow up to answer questions and schedule structured conference calls between client and canditates

1. Help client and candidates exchange top questions to address on conference calls

2.Facilitate conference calls, follow up with each party to decide on due diligence

1.Help accounting and admin staff build due diligence “book”

2. Manage process, timeline, and exchange of data with due diligence partners

1.Plan initial communications and integration priorities

2.Design post-M&A organizational structure, roles, and develop post-integration strategies and operating plans

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