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Growth Strategies

Cost Reduction Initiatives

Organizational Development

  • Manufacturing Process Improvement
  • Overhead Reduction
  • Plant Maintenance Optimization
  • Post-merger Integration
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Coaching for Team Performance
  • Executive Coaching
  • Knowledge Management – Training and Institutionalization
  • Organizational Design – Structure, Roles & Processes

Beh Consulting Services BreakdownBeh Management Consulting, Inc. provides advice and support to leaders of businesses and nonprofit organizations facing strategic, operational, and organizational opportunities and challenges. Depending on your needs, BMC will identify, evaluate, and implement growth or cost reduction initiatives, manage process and organizational optimization, coach promising staff, or provide proprietary research, confidential information, and clear communications.

Targeting the most pressing issues, BMC's clients receive the benefits of flexible and scalable business skills all at an efficient and productive pace.

Our flexible project structuring enables nonprofits and start-up businesses to take advantage of our top tier talent. BMC's recommendations—based on facts, not conjecture—inform management decisions and expedite action.