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  Strategy Operations Organization
Nonprofits 1. National Parks Business Plan Initiative 6. Guest lodge operations and accounting 7. Workplan Training for Staff Retreat
  2. Front Range Fuels Treatment Parternship Roundtable   8. Project Management Training for New Project Directors
  3. Colorado Ranchland Economics   9. Coaching for Team Effectiveness
  4. Amazon Basin Investments   10. Knowledge Management Systems, Culture and Processes
  5. Small Diameter Timber Utilization   11. Executive Coaching
Food, Beverage, & Merchandise 1. Nutrition Entry Strategy 4. Post-merger Synergies in Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing 5. Post-merger Integration
  2. US Sausage Entry Strategy    
  3. National Park Service Concession Proposal    
Professional Services 1. New Fund Investment Strategy 5. Investment Process Improvement 6. Coaching in Public Speaking and Public Relations
  2. Competitive Positioning and Brand Building   7. Integrated Training Program
  3. Leadership Transition Strategy    
  4. Global Expansion Opportunities    
Technology 1. Global Services Strategy 6. Customer Satisfaction Performance Improvement 12. Coaching Team Performance
  2. Refurbished Assets Strategy 7. Best Practice Customer Satisfaction Processes 13. Training Program for New Software Implementation Consultants
  3. Evaluation of current and prospective portfolio companies of VC firm 8. Cost Reductions in Administration and Plant Maintenance 14. Project Kickoff Communications
  4. Post-merger Market Position Strategy for Telecommunications Provider 9. Operations Diagnostic for Executive Retreat  
  5. Services Growth Strategy 10. Networking and Fundraising for Isreali start-ups  
    11. Process Optimization and Documentation  
Energy 1. Executive Strategy Retreat (Oil Field Services) 4. U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Utilization 9. New Business Unit Structure and Roles (Natural Gas Liquids)
  2. US Utility Entry Strategy 5. Deregulated Electricity Customer Switching 10. Board of Directors Skills Assessment (Integrated Energy)
  3. Utility Strategy for Deregulation 6. Purchasing Process Redesign (Power Generation)  
    7. Post-merger Synergies (Natural Gas Trading)  
    8. Operational Performance Improvement (Oil & Gas)