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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Beh Management Consulting is to improve our economy, environment, and community by helping organizational leaders quickly use objective information to make important decisions and act.

Our Mantra

“We are Consultants who Care about Business, the Environment, and Humanity.”

Our Values and Business Practices

We value…

How this looks in practice…


  • We put the interests of our clients’ shareholders first and put our interests aside when giving advice, such as whether a consulting project should even happen or if we’re the best people to help you.
  • We only speak the truth; we never lie, not even for cover stories for market research or corporate espionage with competitors. We deliver bad news when we have to, but always with evidence and heart. We’ll tell you the truth about declining markets, poor feedback from your customers, or employee performance and interpersonal issues.
  • We are discrete and maintain privacy and confidentiality for everyone we work with: clients, research subjects, partners, employees

Intellectual curiosity and horsepower

  • We only hire people who are “off the charts” smart
  • We embrace data and love—not fear—large volumes of it
  • We seek opportunities to do something that has not been done before—we are not afraid to try something where others have failed (e.g., your last consultant)
  • If a tool we need to do our work doesn’t exist, we create it


  • We help multiple organizations work together to find common ground in order to focus limited resources and act
  • We help clients share risks and rewards with partners, including even competitors (e.g., benchmarking studies)
  • We help clients form and facilitate partnerships, roundtables, joint ventures, or other multi-organizational combinations when needed and possible, for efficiency and results.